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About Mwaluganje elephant sanctuary

The Mwaluganje elephant sanctuary is located on the South Coast of Mombasa, Kenya. Its landscape is diverse, ranging from dry baobab bush land to moist deciduous forest on the hills and bush riverine forest along the streams. But this idyllic setting was the scene of serious human animals’ conflict. On the one hand were the elephants that used the area as a corridor between Tsavo national park and the shimba hills national reserve and on the other hand were the farmers who relied on the land for their subsistence farming. This all too-common conflict has now been resolved into a mutualistic relationship with both parties deriving benefit.
The sanctuary has been billed as a unique success story and a show case for Kenya. Farmers were brought together by KWS (Kenya Wildlife Service) and Eden wildlife trust and were persuaded to give up their land in this area to the elephants. The infrastructure was developed to include electrified boundary fence and the sanctuary was finally opened to the public in 1995 by then Director of KWS, Dr. David Western.
Currently there are 300 community members involved with the project and are instrumental in the daily running of the sanctuary. They share the annual profits (as compensation for not using their land) from tourism according to the number of acres of land that they gave up to the project.
Thus, the sanctuary was started with the following objectives:
To reduce human elephant conflict within the area.
To ensure that community members who gave their elephants benefit from project through ecotourism activities.
To conserve and Protect Wildlife.
Whenever you come to Mwaluganje you are helping a conservation minded community and supporting elephant conservation.

Mwaluganje Sanctuary is about 40km south of Mombasa by tarmac Road.

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